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Yoga in Henley and Marlow now also online 

Yoga Classes streamed live from our Studio and online


Expert Fitness, 18b Bell Street, Henley, RG9 2BG 

6.15pm – 7.15pm

A 60 minute class perfect for those new to Yoga and for those aiming to improve correct alignment in the postures.  A challenging class suitable for all levels of ability.

Drop in for all classes £12 each subject to availability (excluding Danesfield House Hotel)

Online £8

Best option: Monthly Membership & join our ‘Well-being Tribe’ for just £45 per month direct debit. (Cancel anytime)

Enjoy 1 live class per week, if you can’t make the class, no problem, choose another venue (space permitting), join us online or make use of unlimited access to your Yoga Library as part of our ‘Well-being Tribe’ .  Unlimited Yoga wherever & whenever you like!


Blissful Yoga Retreat days & Workshops

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Our Reiki treatments are also available in Henley, in the calming environment of one of our therapy rooms, or in the comfort of your own home.  Committed to creating sustainable wellness through Yoga and Reiki, we aim to encourage and guide you to be pro-active in looking after your own health for optimal well-being.

Our Yoga classes in Henley

The beginning of our Henley Yoga class is dedicated to bringing you into the present moment.  A chance to calm your mind and release any hectic demands of the day by gently bringing awareness to your body, feelings and breath.  A short period of quiet will slow the mind and prepare mind, breath and body for your yoga practise. Limbering moves warm up the muscles and joints in preparation for asana (posture) work.
The postures will strengthen, tone and help achieve a feeling of overall well-being. Alternative postures are always suggested to match the needs of each individual. We finish the class with savasana, (relaxation) to bring peace and restore the body and soul.

Yoga is not so much about the escape from life, but the discovery of it.

Details about our yoga classes in Marlow

Details about our yoga classes in Maidenhead

All levels of flexibility welcome

Gift Vouchers  for courses, drop in and taster classes


All of our yoga classes in Henley gives you the chance to deepen your Yoga practise, re-connect, find peace, balance and a bit of sanity in our fast-paced, overstimulated world, on a regular basis.

Class times don’t suit?  No problem! Private classes available at home, work or Skype.  Please contact us to arrange. More …

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Morning Workshops in Henley

Yoga postures prepare you for Meditation and Meditation in turn deepens your Yoga Practise. With High-speed everything these days, it’s really hard to slow down and watch your breath.  This is exactly why we do it! We focus on our breath to calm the nervous system, focus our thoughts and practice meditation.


With a little practice and dedication, we can become calmer, healthier and improve focus as we enjoy life without the effects of too much daily pressure.  So make a promise to yourself to take time out and re-energise your system on a regular basis to increase your total health and mental well-being.