Reflexology is a relaxing, non-intrusive holistic therapy that helps the body restore balance naturally by applying gentle pressure to the feet.  Different parts of the foot corresponds to an area in the body through a system of zones and reflex areas. Working over these areas stimulates the body to maintain equilibrium and encourage healing.  Each person will receive an individual treatment, tailored to the whole person, taking into account both physical and non-physical factors that may be affecting your well-being.

Stress, illness and today’s busy lives can put our body in a state of imbalance, preventing the body from functioning as well as it should, resulting in lack of energy, motivation and more serious illnesses if not addressed soon enough.  Vital energy runs throughout the body keeping the body, mind and emotions healthy. When vital energy is blocked it prevents the body from working effectively.  Gentle massage to the feet helps to stimulate, unblock and rebalance, bringing the body back to a state of good health and vitality.


Reflexology does not claim to prescribe or diagnose, but has been shown to be effective in helping to alleviate and improve a range of conditions including:


Stress and anxiety related conditions

Fertility issues

Eating disorders

Sleep disorders

Chronic illness

Skin disorders

Hormonal imbalances

Digestive issues and much more ….

When you come for treatment there will be a preliminary consultation, and you will be asked questions relating to your general health, medical history and lifestyle. Then you will remove your socks and shoes, lie down and relax while gentle pressure is applied to your feet. For each person the application and effect of the therapy is unique. Tensions are eased and circulation and elimination are improved. Treatments last about an hour. A number of sessions will probably be necessary as the benefits of Reflexology build up gradually. The total number of sessions and their frequency will depend on your body requirements and we will discuss this with you. Once your body is back in tune you may choose to continue occasional treatments to maintain your good health.

If you live in the surrounding areas of Maidenhead, Cookham, Bourne End, Marlow and Flackwell Heath and would like a treatment in the privacy of your own home, please contact us to arrange.

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Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation notice before charges will apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how Reflexology can benefit you.

£42 per treatment

Bourne End, Henley or Privacy of your own home



Yoga Central Plus, 1-3 Greys Road, Henley
Elio Georgio Hair and Beauty Salon, 4-5 The Parade, Bourne End